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Get to the Point!


Knowing what matters

  • Putting your ideas in order.
  • Winning and losing your audience and readers – dos and don’ts.
  • A clear message is brief and pointedly put.
  • Mindset and Attitude.

Making your presentation engaging

  • Captivating your audience and readers – even with factual information.
  • Effectively deploying linguistic devices and dramatic means.

Framing your speech

  • The three phases of your successful contribution: strong opening, body and skillful conclusion.
  • Clearly structuring, polishing and effectively staging (short) speeches.
  • Finding the appropriate arguments quickly and easily.

The Power of simple words

  • The Dimensions of Comprehensibility.
  • Advice on speaking and writing in English.

Writing clearly and concisely

  • Writing emails and texts so that people want to read them.
  • Less is more: how to convince with concise texts.

Optimising your presentation

Please bring along your presentation sequence (max. 5 charts) on your notebook to the workshop for practice.

Optimising your business texts

Bring along, e.g. letters, emails, memos, circulars, position papers and decision papers (max. 2-3 pages) for editing.

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Inhalte / Module

  • You will learn to distinguish between what is trivial and what is important and to focus on the core content.
  • You will learn to develop your texts and arguments clearly, precisely and to the point – in a straightforward way and without meaningless phrases.
  • You will learn about tips and tricks to structure and develop interesting and motivating speeches and texts that grab the attention of your audience and readers.
  • You will learn to convey your message so that it actually reaches your audience and readers.
  • You will communicate more effectively and efficiently in English.
  • You will express yourself in a more active, more focused and thus more effective way.

Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen

Experts and managers who want to argue their concerns / stand their ground more effectively in future by impressive speeches and pointed (short) presentations as well as clearly structured and concisely formulated texts.

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