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Winter- und Sommersemester

Winter- und Sommersemester


International Management, Master


Globalization eradicates borders, and digitalization prompts industries and societies to form closer networks. In this world, experts are those who combine knowledge of their industry with an understanding of organizational processes, and the ability to think economically, dynamically, and based on solutions. If you want to become one of these experts but did not gain specialized economics expertise yet, this Master’s program will provide you with the know-how you need.

Inhalte / Module

The Master’s program International Management (M.A.) aims to turn students into economics enablers. Whether you’re looking to go into marketing, HR, or finance, you will not only have the economic expertise necessary to start your career but will also know how to use this when identifying solutions. Management becomes both a skill and a way to think ahead, anticipating challenges but also facilitating change. Find out more about the program here!

Study content

The Master’s study program International Management (M.A.) gives you an in-depth understanding of current economic and social challenges and teaches you to apply business measures in contexts such as society, technology, education, and culture. You will also learn how organizations work and how to communicate with multiple stakeholders inside and outside the economic arena in order to achieve long-lasting solutions. You will acquire skills such as:

  • Management essentials in a global context
  • Interdisciplinary project management
  • Advanced international management
  • German-language, intercultural and language skills
  • Economic thinking
  • Managerial economics
  • Finance for non-finance managers

Nutzen & Mehrwert

After completing the Master’s program International Management (M.A.), you will have the wide-ranging expertise and business skills required to assume a management role with a global company, work for a non-profit organization or public institution, or return to the discipline of your Bachelor’s degree, with new talents that will allow you to shine. With your interdisciplinary background and newly acquired intercultural competencies, you will also be well-equipped to coordinate your own teams.


After you successfully completed the Master’s study program International Management (M.A.), you will have the following career prospects, for example:

  • Management positions in small, medium-sized, and large companies
  • Upscale positions with international companies
  • Management positions in various departments and intercultural teams
  • Assistant to or spokesperson for the management or heads of department
  • Change management and management consultant
  • Consulting positions in NGOs or public institutions

Master’s graduates also have the option of pursuing a doctorate.

Aufbau & Organisation

Compulsory Elective Modules

At Hochschule Fresenius, we want you to be able to pursue your personal interests and develop your professional portfolio. To help you achieve this, the Master’s study program International Management (M.A.) offers you various elective modules:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Sustainability Management and CSR in a Global Context
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consumer Behavior and Psychology
  • Strategic Marketing and Brand Management

Alternatively, you can choose to complete an internship instead of an elective module, gaining professional experience and expanding your practical knowledge.

Practical Relevance

Practice-oriented learning is a top priority at Hochschule Fresenius. If you join the Master’s study program International Management (M.A.), you can expect application-oriented teaching from experts who will pass on their wealth of professional experience. You will work on two team projects and may opt for an internship with a company or other organization as part of your elective modules. In addition, interactive learning, excursions, guest lectures, and workshops are common practice at Hochschule Fresenius.

Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen

To be admitted to the Master’s study program International Management (M.A.) (for Non-Business Graduates) at Hochschule Fresenius, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

Bachelor’s degree

You must have completed a Bachelor’s study program with at least 180 credit points.

Subject-specific admission requirements

You do not need to have earned credit points in a business-related subject in order to be admitted. Previous knowledge of economics is not required. On the contrary, you can have gained a maximum of 60 credit points in business or economics in your Bachelor’s degree.

For more information, please contact our Study Advice Service.

Language skills

Your English language skills must be equivalent to Level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

You haven’t completed your Bachelor’s degree yet? At Hochschule Fresenius, you can start your Master’s program and finish your Bachelor’s program at the same time, provided you have attained at least 80 percent of the credit points by the time of enrolment. In addition, Bachelor’s students at Hochschule Fresenius will only pay the monthly Master’s tuition fees when starting the Master’s program.


880,00 € monthly + 70,00 € per month (non-EU)

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