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Sales Training


Sales Training


In this training the most important sales practices are going to be presented. The training implies a practical approach and perveys sales strategies, that are most measuarable and applicable in practice. In order to achieve optimum performances in the field of sales, each sales man has to be informed in the best way possible. In this context, this training offers you important insights. To improve the social competences of the participants is the main focus of this event.

Inhalte / Module

  • Planning and organisation of negotiations in sales
  • Process of sales negotiations: Welcoming, contact, information, argumentation, pricing, argumentation, closing
  • Relevance of mutual respect and attention with regard to the customer
  • The sales man as manager of emotions and relationships
  • Transfer of positive emotions
  • Increase of social competence as basis for successful sale and consulting
  • Sales rhetoric and techniques for asking the right questions
  • Argumentation techniques
  • Pricing dialogue and resistance against the price fixed
  • Types of customers and their treatment
  • Closing techniques: Techniques for successful closing
  • NLP in sales (How do top sales men achieve closing?)
  • How to achieve sympathy and trust
  • How to optimise self-presentation
  • How to achieve creative solutions in cooperation with the customer
  • Knowledge of human nature: The key to success in sales
  • How to optimise the customer-sales man relationship

Zielgruppe / Voraussetzungen

The training is aimed at all those striving to become even more successful in their sales and consulting interactions


Price includes comprehensive training documents, c

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I much appreciated the fact that the training has been conducted in a way that my individual needs were addressed.

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